Django Simple Task

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django-simple-task runs background tasks in Django 3 without requiring other services and workers. It runs them in the same event loop as your ASGI application. It is not resilient as a proper task runner such as Celery, but works for some simple tasks and has less overall overheads.


django-simple-task expect ASGI lifespan protocol to be supported by the server. Currently Daphne does not support this.

This package is tested with:

  • Python 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9,
  • Django 3.1 and 3.2.


Install the package:

pip install django-simple-task

Added it to installed apps:


Apply ASGI middleware :

from django_simple_task import django_simple_task_middlware
application = django_simple_task_middlware(application)

Call a background task in Django view:

from django_simple_task import defer

def task1():
    print("task1 done")

async def task2():
    await asyncio.sleep(1)
    print("task2 done")

def view(requests):
    return HttpResponse(b"My View")

It is required to run Django with ASGI server. Official Doc


Concurrency level can be controlled by adding DJANGO_SIMPLE_TASK_WORKERS to settings. Defaults to 1.